If your into the whole smartphone mapping, social media thing you might like Yamap.

I’m not. I’m more old school keep it simple with compass and paper map. Of the Kevin Walker (Navigation on Mountain and Moorland) philosophy where it’s not important to always know where you are it’s more important to have the skill figure out how to get to where you want to go.

Yamap is based in Japan so most of the stored maps are there. However, if you scroll over to the USA under other maps there are several maps there. The Yamap App seems to be aimed more of making maps of where you’ve been and syncing it with pictures and other info.

The Yamap User Guide Page for those interested:
Yamap User Guide for first timers

I thought about just adding this to the Mapping thread, but since Yamap seemed like it’s function had a different focus I decided it needed it’s own thread.

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