Zen Tenkara

Anyone try Karin’s rods? Says they are actually made in the USA, but I’m not sure they have a lot of the tail tail signs of a Chinese made rods. Would love to hear from anyone uses these rods.

Only one of her rods is currently made in the US on mandrels she had specially made. I own several of Karin’s rods. What would you like to know?

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Well I’m always interested in a variety of rods, I saw zen has a sale going on for the big Kyogin so I ordered it. It arrived yesterday and I think it’s really a cheap Chinese rod with a paint job, the Lillian is huge, the rod looks like almost the same blank as the cheap gotura rods sold on e bay. I’m extremely disappointed in the quality. Not worth 100 rather alone the 200 it’s normally sold for.

I wanted a rod to go for the big carp we have in areas around here. Should just stick to ordering from Chris.


There is a thread here on what most people have in their quivers. I think that it is really a good place to look and gauge what rods people gravitate to.

I do not know much about Karin or Zen tenkara, but from their FB online presence I feel that they seem like fun enthusiastic folk. Their posts seem to focus on a lot of wide application of tenkara rods. Larger species in both salt and fresh. Just an impression would be some of these rods might lend themselves more to that application but I really dont know first hand.

For rods in that price check in with @CM_Stewart at tenkarabum.

Nissin 2-Way 450ZX Stiff might be a rod to look at there is data on that rod and tenkara guides fishing it or it was the medium not sure. They were using it on large carp.

I own the Nissin Kyogi 18 Carp Rod and the flying dragon. I fish them onehanded but they are super heavy. The Kyogi is probably the least expensive quality rod that can handle 0x. I use it in the salt for striped bass and in the fresh when targeting salmon. I enjoy them and dont regret buying them, but would not recommend them if I were targeting carp. I would opt for a lighter casting tool as most of what we do is cast and most of the enjoyment of fishing is casting and presentation. Those big carp rods are not precision casting tools. They are all brawn.

I hope that helps.

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That helps tremendously, thank you.

right on…just google tenkara guides carp…

tom davis did a nice write up here with his experience.

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Adam’s recent interview of the owner.


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While the idea is great the execution is lacking.