Zimmerbuilt strap pack belt mod

So I have several of Zimmerbuilt products. Like them all.

I bought the stap pack and the mirco pack, which are just pockets. They come with a lanyard, but I hate stuff swinging around when I fish. So, I pretty much have been using these pockets as organizers inside my sling lite. The couple times I fished with the tailwater pack I endured the lanyard around my neck and hung my pack in a tree while I fished.

This mod is underwhelming but I like it. I prefer to have stuff belt mounted in general and it solves my problems with the lanyard.

the strap pack
you can see I stole one of the little bungie things form my sling and am using it here as a tippet holder.
I think that idea may have been from Jason Klass…where he employed the bungies on his sling that way.

the back has a pair of clips for locking to the daisy chain on Zimmer products.

I took a length of webbing…cut it to fit in the clips…then burned the ends with a torch until the ends rolled up fat enough to not pull through the clips.

clip it up. I gave the thing a hard pull…it is not going anywhere. Then I just run my belt through. That bottom half is wide enought for a normal belt. I ran the webbing under the other strap so the pack would not shift around. It works perfectly.


Smart and yet simple good thinking.