Zimmerbuilt Tailwater Pack

I have been using mine for about a year now. No complaints or regrets…It is a great, great pack. I use it for everything.

I think the size is the limit of what one can wear while fishing. Sort of a volume that should just about carry the essentials for a day hike and fish. In general I do not like anything hanging on me when I fish. Any additional weight will effect posture and balance so even this pack I will shed if possible. With the sternum and waste straps engaged, the pack does not slip around or shift, which is a huge attribute when navigating the woods or the river.

If I am fishing a stretch for a while I will hang the pack in the tree and fish the area. I see a lot of guys buying the strap pack and mounting it on the slings and pack shoulder straps. Even in the pic I posted above …I initially tried it that way. I now prefer mounting the strap pack on my belt. In this way, I can fish with and without the pack without having to collect or shift the essentials.

This is the mod I did for the strap pack.

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Here’s my custom version. Giant mesh pocket on the back and sling style rod holders that work for rods and water bottles.


Nice! I like that.

It’s great to see what other people have chosen. I never would have thought of that @itsjaywhatsup, but it looks really useful.

I really like that fabric, what is it?

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Yeah. I like that one too. I guess I will ask for that recipe next time. Nice.

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I think it’s the standard xpac

Glad to see this thread is still active. I have no complaints about my pack and I used it nearly every day during a trip to RMNP last year and again in Utah this year. It works well in the stock configuration but I haven’t used the bungee corded area for anything. The pack volume is more than adequate for a day on the water.

Front strap options

The pack sits well and doesn’t move around