A season on spiderwire

I spent the entire last season casting 65# spiderwire invisibraid or stealth. The color labeled as translucent.

the start of this maddness was here…Line Comparison

I like it so much I have not fished furled leaders or Level line.

What I like about it the most is its visibility. It is whitish, and I think Chris Stewart has noted that white tends to be stealthy as the sky probably reads as white to a fish. What is also interesting, is because it is translucent, it is brighter when back lit. I fish the bookends of the day a lot, so that low light angle that can make other lines hard to see, actually makes this line a touch easier. White in general is the best in my opinion. No matter the season or the backdrop. The only caveate is in winter, but the line against the water is plenty visible.

This line acts like a sighter. I think that is why I like it so much. That and I dont need to straighten it.

I tend to fish a shorter line when I am in tight quarters. A foot under rod length with a 4’ tippet. I fish a 3.8 meter rod a lot and I have casted up to 4.5m lines on it. The conditions have to be right…no or low wind.

I have had different people test this line and some have noted that it has the casting qualities of nylon.
The other thing that is nice about it, its cheap, it floats, and doesn’t seem to hold water. I have bought different weights from 80-50# in both Invisibraid and stealth. The stealth is slightly less diameter for the Lb test.

Last summer I was able to buy 150 yards of stealth for 5 bucks on amazon. Usually the prices fluctuate…and top is about at $20 for that length…but really thats like a lifetime supply of different lengths,. bargain.

the 80# is interesting but I prefer 65#
I have tested the 80# and prefer to use it in my tapered line as noted later below.

this is how I build my lines.

I fish a girth hitch so I use some red 65# power pro…you can use any line you want for this. Its just what had laying around and I like the aesthetics of it.

I use an improved alrbright with four wraps down and four back. This is a perfect knot. Leave the tags long for your rod connection loop.

wet the knot and tighten down

I use a double surgeons knot to close the loop and then burn/melt all tag ends with a charcoal lighter or match. The burning will ball up the endts. I like this as it makes it easier to pull loose the girth hitch. I cut and burn all my tags, but you have to be careful not to burn your mainline…it will just melt or weaken. You have to play with the distance from the flame.

If you burn the opposite end you can make a stop for your tippet.

I prefer a tippet ring. There are a number of manufacturers. Some better than others. Stonfo is one most people like. I have also used umpqua and anglers image. I am not sure if these are anglers image, but that brand puts their rings on a snap swivel. I now put all my rings on a snap…it makes it easier to store and install.

I use an improved clinch to attach the mainline to the tippet ring, then trim the tag, and burn the remaining fibers of the tag…

Recently I buddy of mine was raving about tapered lines. I own an insane number of furled leaders. Frankly, I am done with trying new lines. I have tested so many and own so many that I cannot buy yet another $20-$30 4 meter line. I have probably spent more on line than rods. I have an illness. With my experiments above, I just do not see the point. Its like trying every rod under the sun. If you are content with what you are using…what is another rod gonna help with your fishing?

anyway. So I built a tapered length of spiderwire at 4.5 m and at 3.9m. I used the well documented 3 segment tapered leader formula. Lengths from heavest to light…60% - 20% - 20%.
I used 80# stealth - 65# invisibraid - 50# stealth.

each connection started by burning the end to produce a stop.

then I nail knoted the lighter segment on…then repeat for the last segment.

I have cast these tapered versions and fished them yesterday. I like them. They cast rather nicely and think the longer lengths cast better than the single diameter versions of each. That taper down to 50# is really nice and delicate. The fly turns over nicely.

I did some google searching recently and noticed our very own David Walker beat me to the punch over half decade ago. I am not sure if I was even fishing a tenkara rod at that point. It is definitely worth a read.


I hope you guys find this info useful and if you want to try ones of these lines, I can mail you one.


Informative post Stephen, thank you.

I’ve tried using tippet rings a few times, but twice I’ve purchased a bag of rings only to use one or 2 of them, then promptly misplaced the bag never to be seen again. I blame my wife for sticking the bag of rings into a box or desk drawer and losing them. I of course would never lose fishing tackle accessories myself. :roll_eyes:

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My wife puts up with the same problem. I store/hide stuff and blame her for misplacing my gear. It works for me but all she will do is smile and tells me it sounds like a personal problem that I need to resolve. A shorten version of this is (it’s not my gear so it’s not my problem). She will never understand the importance of man-gear. At least she could except the blame for me screwing up. :wolf:

Yeah, it’s the state of the two different species of human beings having completely different ways of thinking. What my wife calls clutter - I call a 3D mind-map record of waypoints marking my meandering interest. The significant other can’t, or refuses to, understand that moving my stuff around, organizing it the way she think about stuff, is the same as moving my neurons around and giving them a good mix while I am asleep. :upside_down_face:

To pick on another family’s situation - a guy I used to work with is like me, he has so many books it limits the living space inside his house. Several years ago he purchased a new larger house that overlooks the Ohio river. It had an extra room he could dedicate to book shelves in which he had been working to carefully arrange and organized his books when he had time just after moving in. One evening he came home from work, is wife was beaming with pride, certain he would be pleased with her labors. She had finished unpacking his books, completely rearranged all of his books, sorting all of them by size and book cover color. :open_mouth::unamused:
He did admit, it was visually pleasing to look at, but the rest of it, not so much.

Some days it’s easy to understand why a guy wrote a song titled, - Oh Lord, I think I want my rib back. :roll_eyes:

However, after 48 years together, I’ve learned it’s just the way it is. Can’t be changed. Same as the sun rises every morning, sets every evening, summers are hot and winters cold. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I remember trying the white one with you. It is indeed very visible and casts great. The tapered one sounds like it might be a good idea for windier conditions? Tapers seem to cast great but in some the otsuri or drape on the drift can be rough. That heavier section near the tip wants to hang deeply down. Did that seem to be the case here? I’d be down to check it out next time i see you…something about the way that line moves makes me think that hang in the tapered line is less with this material than others?

I did not remember that the spiderwire line floats…

A few of the Japanese anglers I have talked with are now using clear flouro for stealth. Not sure my eyes can manage that but I think I might try it this season.

Tapered thick to thin…yes heavier at the rod tip but much lighter at the leader.

I know there is much talk about the draw…otsuri as you call iy. I have never found it to impede my angling or catch rates.

Sure …draw is not desireable but the draw of this line is not significant enough to cause me concern. Far…far less than furled lines…probably not much more than LL…but that is my impression.

There is some quality of the visibility that i feel improves my success. Built in sighter…as i note. I am not fond of clear lines…for subtle takes.

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It’s normal to custom make lines.

Equipment sellers want you to buy their stuff, you don’t need to.

Nice to see you graduating away from buy buy bye…

That being said, the level lines out there are good. Recently, I had to use a clear line to catch educated trout in scary clear water. Again, market driven pink wasn’t doing it.

Figuring out your own equipment is paramount to having a drawer full of surprises waiting for your wife. You don’t need a bunch of lines, you just need what works for you and it appears you are figuring it out and that’s huge.

Not a lot of people have it figured out yet.

So many excellent used rods out there…

Ha ha ha.

I’m not a fan of spiderwire but I’m happy to see you are and tippet rings? Looks like a post I wrote almost ten years ago.

Practice tenkara your way. I read that back then too.

I hope you step in a lot more smug in the future, it’s not a bad thing, as a matter of fact, it’s part of it.

Right on adam.

We are all on our own when it comes to figuring out 5he right fit gor our own preferences. With rods i have been content with my choices but with lines its been more of a journey and expense.

Nice article. One thing about spectra is that once it obsorbs water it mostly holds onto it. These spiderwire lines are dyneema and do not absorb water.

The water absorbing properties are just factors to consider and capittalize on.

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Fujino straight line, that has the properties I like.

It’s pretty close to your spiderwire.

I match a line to a rod. Backing lines pick up water and almost become a wet line like an intermediate fly line.

The spectra, Kevlar or gel spun lines just don’t soak it up. That’s what I like about them.

For my tenkara, I use one rod and a couple of different lines. I’m using fluorocarbon and a Fujino straight with rings.

Yup i have and use the fujino straight line. I have one and like ir a lot but it is a touch heavier…rather expensive…and limited by a few lengths you can buy.

Its a nice line and enjoy fishing it. I like the banded flouro sighter and that sighter is nice if you want to fish deep…it pulls the tipet down instantly.

I am sort if moving away from all comercial lines though sort of like moving away from commercial flies. I like using lines built to my prefs over commercial lines. I want to try again experimenting with LL…but as of now do not have motivation.


I often fish with the Fujino Straight Line. I like the way it cast and its visibility well enough. Plus one of it’s design goals - it is just a little quicker to deploy, no need to stretch out line memory coils.

Combine that with one of the rod models that has a longer collapsed length, and therefore fewer sections to expand or collapse, creates a very quick system.

I would like try the other line Fujino Straight Line they came out with a year later. Powerful Straight LIne K27[ストレートライン パワフル 商品コードNO. K-27] . It is a little different - heavier, different standard lengths.

Fujinoline K27 Powerful Straight Line

But last time I checked no one here was selling it as a stocked product, and thus far I’ve not wanted to order it from Japan, or wanted to when ordering something else from Tenkaraya, but was already over my budget. It gets bumped to the list for another day.

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Aye yai yai, my focus is a big river now, big rod, long lines. 7m is what I was using last weekend, I’m going to make a 8m line and see where the sweet spot is… But the water is super clear, using clearish opaque Valcan, will probably use some clear limp Seaguar fluorocarbon, maybe Invisex next. The river trout I’m after are highly educated and are line shy.

First, I have to convert size for #3.5 and then visit Bass Pro or Cabela’s. They have isles and walls of line making materials.

But that heavy gauge Strait Line looks nice for stiffer rods or beginners. You are right, quick to deploy, I don’t bother to spool it straight, I just wind it on the card spool.

I always enjoy your comments David.

I like it when we have common interests. You have helped me quite a bit and I appreciate you.

Well, thanks Adam. My meanderings are mostly - what’s that all about then, trivia.

Your blog interviews, fishing stories, and equipment review thoughts are, I think, of more practical value for more people. And many go back a long time too, before I ever dropped a fly onto a water surface, such as the link you posted in the other fly topic thread earlier this evening.

Speaking of big main stream rods.
After following your earlier link to the ebay 8x foam line spool set (posted in another thread).

I got to playing around on ebay. And found a used Daiwa, 7.5 m rod. $127. It stood out to me because I had recently read a post on another forum, wherein a guy was looking for a practical rod to try fixed line nymph fishing, but hoping to hold rod cost below $125 if possible or close to that price, due to limited budget. He wasn’t looking for a 7.5 meter rod, more like 3.6 ~ 3.9 meter rod, with a stiffer tip. But the price was what stood out me, because it was within his pricing window.

It was this rod.

ダイワ 早春 本流 硬調 75MV 渓流竿 [ Daiwa sōshun honryū kōchō 75 MV keiryū sao]
Early Spring main stream, high contrast, I think.


ebay - Daiwa SOHSHUN HONRYU KOUCHOU 75MV Trout Mountain stream Rod

Maybe a decent deal if looking for a rod of that length, type. Though I found the same or similar rod on Japanese auction websites at a little lower price. But it’s probably easier for most people to order off of ebay.

Way toooooo long for my interest, possible uses. :open_mouth:

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A post from 2017:
Iwana · Amago fishing / Tenkara to enjoy in the new sense line
{meaning the Fujinoline tenkara straight line : フジノライン テンカラストレートライン}


The odd digital translation in to English version.
web.tsuribito /iwana-amago-tenkara 1607

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My 5m Suimu is for one hand tenkara techniques. The aerodynamic resistance in the wind is quite a thing that my peers do not talk about. It’s a big rod that presents quite a profile of wind resistance.

A big two hand rod?

Not for one hand.

There is only one JDM 5m single hand rod available for tenkara. That’s where I am at and I LOVE this rod and it’s reach.

“My 5m Suimu is for one hand tenkara techniques.”

がま渓流 マルチフレックス テンカラ水舞(すいむ)EX
Gama(katsu) keiryū multi-flex tenkara suimu (su imu) EX


JDM rods I do not recall. Only a bid jdm website.

On SpiderWire Lines and their attributes, you may find this of interest:

Born from the World’s Strongest Fiber - SpiderWire

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@Gressak, do you use the Spiderwire lines (& the 80# 60# 50# formula?) with shorter rods on small streams?