BG Tenkara 48 NV


And now I “need” another rod. Thanks! Haha


A two-handed tenkara rod? Whoever would have thought of something like that?


”The elastic and hand-friendly EVA & Cork hybrid long grip is compatible with both single-hand cast and double-hand cast.”

He heh, they describe the rod having aerodynamic resistance, I knew it.

I love my Gamakatsu, my little arms handle it no problem, tired yes but that rod singing to me makes me forget really quick.

More honryu tenkara!

Love it.


Are you going to take more of my $? :roll_eyes:

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I know he ( will be taking more of my money for sure… hahaha. Really looking forward to the release of this rod. I’m a huge Shimano Tenkara fan. This rod will hopefully add some Shimano style to my big fish adventures. I fish warm water Tenkara quite a bit for bass, panfish, carp, well…anything. Hahaha.


Not meant to high jack this topic. But on the same date this new Shimano BG tenkara rod was posted to troutnews / new tenkara section.

There was also a new Daiwa rod listed. Released this month. Five versions from 3.0m to 5.5m.
That has an expanded list of target fish. Actually they list the 2 shorter lengths for tanago or tenkara, the 4.0m rod for tenkara, with the two longer lengths not listed with the tenkara label.

ダイワ EXPERT 清流 - Daiwa EXPERT Seiryū (clear stream) English

Actually this rod is not strictly speaking a tenkara rod, but rather it is a do-anything, fish-everywhere rod.

The ‟大人の遊び竿” , Adult play rod.

For fishing from smallest streams, to lakes, sounds, or the sea. Pretty much the way and the same places people outside of Japan fish with their tenkara rods. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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I don’t take money.
I enable.


@dwalker I’m trying to reduce the number of rods that I own, not increase. :crazy_face:


Sorry. However, by chance this year I discovered an immunity vaccine for that virus. It might work for you, too.
It was similar to the accidental discovery of the combination of chocolate & peanut butter .
It is quite effective. If you are also allergic to filing for bankruptcy.

Purchase two or more high cost products.

One should be for a hobby product (for me it was alpha grade binoculars).

The other product should be a family necessity, preferably not planned but caused by circumstances. (my wife schemed to acquire a new vehicle, and arranged to hit a deer totaling her minivan - new vehicles are the price of a modest two bedroom house 40 years ago). I narrowly escaped the same thing twice, and dared not risk being accused of wanting a new vehicle, too.

Get yourself saddled with paying off high priced binoculars (or similar priced product), make a large down payment on a new minivan, add its monthly payments, plus a big jump in auto insurance premiums .
And the thought of buying another fishing rod will never enter your thoughts for longer than 10 microseconds.

And I apologize in advance for the videos of the Daiwa EXPERT Seiryū rod I am planning to post to another forum thread. :shushing_face:

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From Dr. Ishigaki’s blog.

Big Game テンカラ発売 B G Tenkara released digital English translation

In the next to last sentence of the English translation you may notice the word - Victorout - it should translate as “Big Trout” . [ ビック・トラウト , Bikku torauto ].

Tenkara Skirt = Tenkara’s base or range. [ 裾野, susono, base] literally hem + field, think the border around a field. Enclosing the range of uses.

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Thank you for the translation and links! Looking forward to this rod. I emailed Dr. Ishigaki about the new rod. He basically gave the same information. Described the rod as being for big trout expanding the usage area for Shimano’s Tenkara line up. Thank you again @dwalker for your diligence in finding interesting articles out of Japan.


Thanks Jeff.

Developing Big Game rods that will have world wide appeal appears to be a goal at Shimano.
The BG label is not reserved for this new tenkara rod. It seems to be one of the rods in -

シマノのワールドシャウラシリーズ, Shimano’s World Shaula Series

I found a web post from July 2020
When is the release date of World Shaula BG?
Big game specialized rod released in 2020

Which in the article are all reeled rods, for monster-sized fish. About $650 rods.

It took some time looking about to discover what the word シャウラ [shaura] Sharula was referring to.

It appears to derive from Arabic words from the Scorpion constellation. The Sharula being the name for the stinger on the scorpion’s tail. シャウラ(毒針, dokubari) Poison Needle.

World Poison Needle Series , or World Scorpion Stinger Series, I guess. :open_mouth:シャウラ-1333964 digital English translation

The web page referred to earlier, that I believe explains Shimano’s concept for BG rods, (however, the BG Tenkara rod is not mentioned)
When is the release date of World Shaula BG?
Big game specialized rod released in 2020 When is the release date of World Shaula BG? digital English

Anyway, locally the rain has finally stopped. Still a bit chilly, and muddy outside. But enough of this - time to get outside. Hopefully some of this was at least a little bit entertaining. :wink:

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Here is the TenkaraBum link for the rod.


Well darn, I thought it could be used for steelhead. Shows what I know, not much. :thinking:

Latest link from Shimano. Enjoy.


Very nice.

Well darn, if I can’t use it for steelhead I can’t even think of a reason to get it. :disappointed:

If I was a seller, I would never suggest a person go out and use a rod for things other than it is designed for. That said, if you keep the tippet light enough for the rods purpose you may be surprised what you can land with proper technique. I have landed fish ,most would never dream of , on rods they would never use for the task. Hahaha. Always surprised what good technique can do on larger fish and 5x tippet within reason of course. My favorite personal story so far was a 3lbs carp on 3lbs tippet using a Suntech 270 rod that is now the Tenkarabum Traveler 27.


I’ve fished quite a bit of honryu tenkara now.

It’s good to read more equipment is being developed.

Japanese honryu (main flow) tenkara has been established but actually, it’s not all that practiced by most tenkara Japanese tenkara anglers.

But, I’m glad there are good rods out there by Sakakibara, Fuji, Kobayashi and Ishigaki.

Honryu tenkara is the next wave.

So much fun.

I break the river down into a small stream. I stalk fish much harder than tenkara in mountain streams. I use clear long lines too.

It’s harder than the opportunistic trout in mountain streams.

The flex profiles of Shimano rods do not appeal to me.That is no dig on them. Not for me but I’m really stoked Shimano is supporting this type of fishing.

Nissin Oni Honryu 395 and 450
Gamakatsu Suimu EX 5m
Shimano Honryu 44 NP
Nissan Air Stage 450

These are some examples of good big water rods.