Daiwa introducing new Tenkara X rod. ダイワ テンカラ X 竿

Debut is November 2019 according to the Daiwa website.
Not a high end rod. A basic lower priced rod. $130 ~ $145 range.
Four lengths: ~ 3m to 3.9m. Weight 81g to 107g.

daiwa.com/jp/fishing Tenkara X


Glad to see new Japanese tenkara equipment.

Thank goodness.

There has been some discussion asking if tenkara growth has plateaued. Maybe a mid priced rod is a recognition of that, if true. And an attempt to attract new tenkara anglers. Being a Daiwa rod I would expect it also was developed by Etsuji-san and will be of good quality.

It could be tapering off, it would be interesting to see the data. I don’t suppose IFTD tracks such things, or at least probably doesn’t make it public. Most Tenkara sales seem to be direct to consumer with some limited resellers. I know I saw TUSA rods at fly shops for a brief time and then they seemed to disappear from the stores.

In my opinion even if the sales ave flattened I think it may eventually recover and grow. I think Tenkara is just a fun way to fish and anyone I introduce it to wants to do more.