FDIO 2.7M budget marvel

So all i can say is wow.
This rod has not been field tested or landed a fish yet but as a caster…for the price it is fantastic.

two rods for the price of a spool of LL.

Using both my spiderwire line or #3 LL the rod loads effortlessly and i was able to be accurate. Within a 5" circle. Either i have become great at casting junk rods or this rod is fantastic.

Probably all fiberglass and plastic. Yet is a 270 weighing in at 2 oz.

Lillian has a lot of overlap and is glued on.

I casted both weighed and unweighed flies. They cast with equal accuracy.

Definitely a rod for beginners, children, and whomever is like me and not ashamed to fish a rod where function is more important than form or bragging rights.

It might be a while before i field test, but i will update this thread when i do.

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Unlike goture, the other cheap rod I tested. This rod is more full flex. The goture is more fast action.

I suspect that thie FDIO will lack sensitivity like the goture, but I will get back with those notes when I field test.

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And - Used by professionals worldwide!

I bought one of the AliExpress rods that Tristan had showcased in one of his videos. After waiting for two months and it not arriving, I got a refund from AliExpress. For my grand total of $2.88.

Guess what showed up yesterday, in a plastic baggie, no padding, cracked at the mouth of the first section…

Thinking I’ll do a little rod wrapping to reinforce, then give it a whirl on some local bluegill.

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which rod did he post? Just curious.


Watch and enjoy :wink:

The AliExpress rod that finally arrived, cracked. About 4 months after I ordered it, and 3.5 months after it supposedly left China via air:


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That looks similar to the one Ulysses bought.