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While snooping around the web trying to figure out the best rod option for my three year old I came across this video…


Here is the video embedded if anyone doesn’t want to click the link


I love this video. Thanks for sharing.

Mark Steudel is a frequent poster on a local-but regional+ western ff forum I frequent. I find his videos quite entertaining.

So, funny. I ordered this one two days ago. I bought it to try and i needed some telescopic sections for a project i am working on. I will share the attributes with you when it arrives.

@Gressak, yes, please share your thoughts when you get it. I too have one coming. This one:

For $6.50 I figured it was worth the risk to see if my son is ready for it. He can break it a whole mess of times before it comes close to the cost of even a Tiny Ten rod. At 1.7m I figured it was approximately the same proportion to him as a 3.2m rod is to me.

The $6.50 rod I ordered from Amazon arrived today. I was really looking forward to giving it to my son. The handle section had several inch long cracks/splits right at the tip. It would have split in half the first time a fish flexed the rod. Oh, wait, no need to worry about catching a fish, there was no lillian. It’s going back.

It’s too bad because the rod seemed to have a surprising amount of flex for such a short rod. It probably would have been really fun to fish with. Little Fall Fish would have put a nice bend in the rod for my son.

So, the question is, is anyone really going to talk me out of getting a Tiny Ten for him? I am sure it will be stiffer but the build quality has to be better and I am sure it will hold up to a little more abuse. Anyone have one they want to get rid of?

@Gressak, I’m curious to hear about the rods you purchased from Amazon.


Ulysses, I would suspect a little wood glue would repair that rod as new. I would just make l lillian out of dacron and epoxy it to the end. If you tie flies you could also just tie/bind any thin strand to the end for a lillian.

@Gressak, when I processed the return through Amazon they told me I didn’t have to return the item. So , my plan is to repair it. I will probably glue then wrap the tip section with silk thread and epoxy over it. Should more than hold up to any fish my 3 year old will catch. I have tons of dacron and plan to use a section of 80 pound for a lillian. It is about the same diameter as a typical lillian.

Thanks. I am glad you are happy with yours so far.

A thin kapron thread and moisture-resistant varnish will save this rod.

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