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I was wondering when I started to identify the different forms of fixed line fishing and found a reference to it on day one of my first dedicated tenkara site. I had been writing about it before 2010 but that is when I registered the domain name.

Daniel at Tenkara USA helped me along the way with understanding a deeper level of tenkara and introducing me to my Japanese friends. My work with Sakura also helped me to understand what tenkara was and how it fit into the different forms was a completely and separate direction that helped me. Kazuya Shimoda, even another resource helped me understand just how broad the interpretation of tenkara was and more importantly, that there are many various and serious genryu anglers.

Today I introduced another angler to tenkara. I was using my tenkara rod in a pond to catch stocked trout using a tenkara rod equipment and techniques and I called it tenkara but made sure that the new to tenkara angler knew what it really was.

There is a difference.

I make sure to explain it.

Tenkara can be hard for someone new to it, especially if they don’t have a person to explain to them the subtleties of it.

I’ve have heard that “is it that weird Japanese cult fishing?”

“Nope, just simple fly fishing.”


It’s Japanese style fly fishing.

Hmm, it’s fixed line mountain stream fly fishing.

No, it’s Japanese mountain stream fishing with flys.

Let me try that again…

It’s so funny, people get all bent about terms, it’s really quite ridiculous if I think about it too much.

When I introduce someone new to it, I call it “tenkara” and then I go on to tell them where it comes from. But I use it in this pond to catch fish, here, “want to try it?”

I have helped many many people learn this great form of fishing. I’ve introduced many Japanese anglers to American audiences letting them teach what tenkara is in their own voice, their words verbatim. I’ve introduced different tenkara people in Japan to each other in person and online. I’ve helped make a lot of new friends both myself and other friends of friends many times over.

But arguing tenkara is not my deal. I know what it is. If someone wants more information, I send them to my web site: and there, ALL tenkara web sites are there, linked. I didn’t forget anyone.

We are tenkara.

So when I introduce new people to it, it’s “tenkara” and then, “it’s from Japan” and on to, “it works really well in the mountain streams” but “here, try casting the rod” and beyond that, have a great day, by the way, here is an online resource.

Tenkara is a simple form of Japanese style fly fishing that came from the mountain stream environment.

Let’s work together.

Have fun, take care.


Some interesting observations:
I didn’t know the TUSA Iwana & Yamame rods were their first tenkara rods, I thought the Ayu rod was also in the initial product offerings.

Unless I read the archive dates incorrectly, TBum and Tenkara-Fisher both started Feb 2010.
I think the T-F Forum closed Feb 2017, or was it 2016? time flies, maybe I have the date wrong, a good 6 or 7 year run. Thanks for the creating and running it, until the headaches became to much. :smiley:

Anyway, the sleeping-whiskeycat blog also has a go at the reasons for the spread of Tenkara worldwide. And ponders what it should be called when tenkara tackle is used to fish in places outside mountain stream environment. Such as Sea Tenkara.

Conceding that - “… arguments will be divided among Tenkara enthusiasts.” He appears to favor the Simple Fly Fishing label, from the Yvon Chouinard book. I wont give him that honor.

He also gives a lot of credit for the spread of tenkara worldwide to iki / sui [いき・すい, or 粋 ・すい ].

I think there is not a easy or exact translation into English. The two terms seem to be almost the same meaning but a little different. Iki being a term from the Edo period later or in other locations replaced by Sui, which also has a slightly different meaning, related to Tsū [つう(通)]. But both seem to mean - aesthetic sense of stylishness, chic, purity, spirit, enthusiasm, simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity, etc.


The sleeping-whiskeycat blog has two post under the title:
Something like - Tenkara fishing charm attracting attention from overseas.

Part 1
0 Basic Knowledge of Tenkara
1 Japanese aesthetic sense, simplicity of tenkara and iki / sui
In recent years, why has tenkara fishing become popular?
2 Tenkara and Simple Fly Fishing - Traditional Japanese fishing method to the world
3 About tools - fishing rod should be of first class manufacture?

Tenkara USA sells Tenkara supplies in the United States - Thanks to the efforts of members , Tenkara fishing has fluttered/flown to the world. ( due credit respectively given, I think)

Well, next time I want to think about “Can I call a tenkara gimmick fished outside of a mountain stream Tenkara?” [referring to Part 2]

The whole page Google translation isn’t terrible. Good enough to get the gist of his thoughts on the matter. Just realize that kebari is meant where ever it may translate as - farrows, fly farrow, hair fold, or Balinese bali. And Barseziana = Valsesiana method in Italy.

Part 1

Part 2

He closes writing that he would prefer to call fishing out of mountain streams with tenkara tackle, Simple Fly Fishing, but concludes that for convenience in English it is inevitable that all methods will just be called Tenkara fishing.

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I’m not sure what you read and it does not matter (for me) because I had already had a couple of web sites going and had tenkara dedicated sub-forums prior to registering a dedicated domain name.

Obviously I’m not Japanese and did not include any Japanese web sites. At that time, in 2009, I was already researching Japanese tenkara web sites.

But more importantly, I did not include any other web sites I was doing on small stream fly fishing, I’ll do that there because that goes along with some of what you said.

There are three things that are going on here. 1. The time that the information was actually written and uploaded. 2. The date that the Wayback Machine archived it. The registration of the actual domain.

Oct 1997 AZ Small Streams: Small Stream Flyfishing

Dec of 1998 Smallstreams(dot)com: Small Stream Fly Fishing @

Aug 2001 Smallstream(dot)net:

I believe that in 1995 when I started writing about “Arizona Small Stream Fly Fishing” that actually predated the archive web site. That is the project that I ultimately meet Yoshikazu Fujioka and his Stream Fly Fishing web site. That is where I started to learn about Japanese stream fishing, sawanobori and tenkara. We also started to converse through e-mail then.

" I could meet Adam-san who was making a contact each other by e-mail from 18 years ago for the first time on this day." This is a quote from 2015 by Yoshikazu Fujioka on his web site: My Best Streams - Big Thompson River Sleepy Hollow Park Colorado

But as I said, I’m obviously not Japanese and I do not want to place any spin on tenkara, that is why I quit fly fishing and it’s why I do not represent Japanese tenkara. I do however promote it and I do that through my interviews and conversations with Japanese anglers. They are able to define tenkara, what it is through their words, their experiences in OUR language.

I don’t do this to be better than anyone else, I do it because this is the way I choose to do it.

I’m an American and I am a tenkara fisher. I do it in my own country and I travel to do it as well. I’m not Japanese, I don’t claim to be Japanese or a representative of Japan. I’m an American doing it that knows what it is and is careful not to claim something I’m not.

I’ll give Simple Fly Fishing to Yvon Chouinard, he is well respected in Japan and his company, Patagonia and all the companies before that are respected and I enjoy their information stream. His influence on tenkara is his influence and through simple fly fishing here and abroad, he makes not claims of being a Japanese representative.


Chouinard is the real deal, he knew about tenkara from about 35 years ago. I bet his rod was a Sakura, anyway, he tells goofy fishing stories “big fish, throw your rod in the water and smoke a joint, get it later” that are funny, not so serious. I don’t care who has the simple fly fishing origin, doesn’t matter to me.

Chris Stewart has influence, his “keiryu” name given to bait fishing is inaccurate yet now some Japanese even refer to it as keiryu, the funny thing is, it is keiryu but so is fly fishing and tenkara. Chris Stewart has influence on tenkara, it is ok.

I don’t want to have influence on it, I just want to do it, be a part of it on a deeper level. I’ve already achieved that and now I just want to stay out of the stupid internet arguments that are going on now.

I allow myself a certain amount of time to dedicate to other people’s web sites. This is one of the few that I give my free time to. BTW, the old forum had a virus that I was unwilling to spend the time and money on to remove. Total headache, you are correct. So we have this one now.

If it were not for Todoroki Toshiro and a few others like yourself, I would quit spending my time here.

I would like to see ALL the early adopters be a little more kind to tenkara, the timeline and the history. It is a great story. There is room for everyone if you CREATE your own path and not take credit for everything you do. No one invents tenkara except the person new to it. We are no longer new to it.

I hope you keep contributing David Walker, I enjoy what you do, your take on tenkara is interesting to say the least.

Adam. I am aware that you had an existing fly fishing forum, long before the T-F forum, and that it included a tenkara section before the T-F forum was created. The date I was referring to is the date at the top of the tenkara-fisher archive webpage. Where it appears the oldest date is Feb 2009,

But as I said maybe read it wrong or that date is inaccurate, the archive not capturing samples of the entire time span of the forum, and I got a wrong impression of when it started.

As for ole Yvon, I was done with him & Patagonia products after reading his praise for socialist government countries, and his advocacy to vote for socialism in the last election, so that America can catch up with the superior performance of socialist countries, as printed in last year’s Patagonia catalog and on the company blog. It’s a pity, I only have a couple of Patagonia products, nice stuff. Company CEO Rose Marcario is also on my naughty list, directing company funds to support many things I do not believe in. The mix of funding save the planet + funding the killing of the unwanted unborn, & other issues, doesn’t work for me. Others opinions will be much different, probably quite the opposite. Yvon tells wonderful interesting stories from his many adventures and observations, which are entertaining & informative, but the whole package has to much I disagree with. Others are of course free to support their activities that I personally object to. His publicity about & promotion of tenkara is a good thing, though his tenkara style doesn’t appeal to me, but does appeal to many others.Ten Colors Tenkara. To each their own.

Anyway, time flies.
Only a few years ago very little about tenkara culture was available in English. A lot of the early information was if not wrong, only a shallow understanding. The TUSA forum and Tenkara-Fisher forum were, imo, the two earliest online pioneers bringing knowledge / interactive discussion of tenkara culture into the English world. And probably also into other non Japanese language readers in many other countries with different native languages.

Eight or so years ago one could probably find almost everything new written about tenkara in English in a couple of hours each evening. Today it’s impossible to find everything posted online in English about tenkara. And much of what is posted shows a maturing of understanding of what it’s all about. Plus today many Japanese language tenkara websites are more accessible to English readers or non Japanese readers. For an old day, I’ve learned a few new tricks. I can actually read Japanese a little bit. Enough to get a lot wrong. The Tenkara / Not Tenkara debate will never end for some. I think it existed in Japan before most of us ever heard of tenkara. Heck, I might even run of odd things to discover about it or strange views about it. Thanks for describing them as interesting. :wink:

My website started from February 2009

I felt it as the most attractive site Tenkara-Fisher com
who was active in the USA at that time was interested and registered as a member afterwards It was a site that was full of various opinions and ideas and the future development was exciting

Chris Stewart, a healthy young man, was taken up in fishing magazines in Japan, so he was interested in how he understood tenkara and how he would do it in his place

Tenkara is about to Introduction afuter 10 years.
I am looking forward to seeing it understood and practiced in each climate and of a stream

I think that wrong information can be corrected later but I think that unfair information should be excluded

I am very happy to share information with everyone thanks to the website.

I am aware that it is a very old type of fisherman but I am interested in knowledge and ideas

I believe tenkara fishing will be even more enjoyable by sharing that information

It is up to you how to use it because it is a simple tool

Shared assets of everyone’s pleasure to communicate how they are enjoying

Nothing is wrong There is no way to fishing, that way of thinking and how to do it

Perhaps the mistake is more pleasant thing
・・・Because each other can smile more :smile:


Todoroki-san, you might mean Daniel Galhardo. He is young and has been in many Japanese magazines. If Chris Stewart has been in one, I would like to see it for sure.

Anyway, David, I don’t think the people living in socialist countries are bad. The people that I’ve meet from these countries are good people and are just, ahh, people. I’ve spoken with many and they all like America but aren’t looking to live here, they were visiting, they like it at home. But that is just my observation. Governments and people are often two different things, especially today, here in America.

Now governments?


We are an oligarchy based government now that is becoming out of control. blah blah blah not tenkara.

What matters is that we both recognize YC as having a positive impact on tenkara. His version is tenkara. Prior to Patagonia, people in Japan were using the same equipment doing the same thing in mountain streams ever before YC decided to partner with TFO to brand their rods and call it simple fly fishing. I think, wether it is true or not, he has and will continue to popularize simple fly fishing and tenkara. I have respect for him, I’m sort of a fan, he is goofy but he has done some pretty cool things. I like how he is suing the president for stealing our land. Congress just invited him to testify…

I’m finding that the Internet is nice to search things, it’s cool that way. But I prefer interaction with people. Real live interactions with people. The Summit is a great place to meet people, a lot of them. I hope to meet you there one day. I don’t have the budget to go to other tenkara meetings.

I liked the early tenkara research of Japanese tenkara web sites. It was fun and still is to visit the ones that have their own pages archived. It really hasn’t changed that much.

I like that.

Ah, I understand what you mean. I attended the Summit in Va in 2012 on the cheapskate plan. I drove there from our vacation house, about a two hour drive, spent the day, then drove home that evening. I should have stayed the night to mingle more. Plus driving home in the dark wasn’t much fun. The curves on the mountain road west of the Shenandoah Valley were so tight, long and sweeping, it sometimes felt like I had to hit my brake to avoid rear-ending my own tail lights.

And the only time I have met John Geer was when I went to the Fly Fishing Show in Winston-Salem, N.C.

I attended the 2016 Tenkara Jam in Cherokee, N.C. And planned to attend the 2017 Tenkara Jam in Boone, N.C. which is an hour or so shorter drive from my home than Cherokee. But it did not work out this year. Just inconvenient timing. We were offered, rent free, the use of a beach house in Top Sail Beach, N.C. the weekend of the Tenkara Jam. Happy Wife Happy Life. Wasn’t possible if I went to the 2017 TJ instead. Maybe next year.

With the spread of interest in Tenkara worldwide, more Japanese tenkara websites are now available in English. Some online shops load with the option to select a translation into English or other language. Some blogs too, such as Todoroki-san’s kebariandfly blog.

Some others are coming online that have both Japanese and English versions. Not relying on digital translation, only relying on the translation skills of the blog’s author.

Even new blogs - I discovered a new blog based out of Hokkaido a couple of weeks ago. The Kita Tenkara blog. I’m betting that the name is from 北テンカラ [Kita Tenkara (Northern / North Tenkara)] The Kanji for Hokkaidō is basically a compound of North Sea Road, 北海道 . How and why 北 switches from Kita to Ho is one of those interesting mysteries.

[Well, actually it probably happens due to switching between the Chinese and Japanese pronunciation, which happens often. For example Water, Mizu, 水. Becomes Sui in this word, 水中. suimen, underwater. Or suikei, 水系, water system, And Min in this word, 水面. minamo, water surface. Or at least that is what Google translate does, and often it gets the phonic sounds wrong. But that keeps it from becoming boring]

The Kita Tenkara blog appears to have started in Sept. There are both Japanese and English versions. However, the English version is not as complete as the Japanese version. Maybe the two will synchronize later.

Not a lot there thus far. But it will be fun to see more tenkara reporting from Hokkaido if the blog thrives.
[ he also has a cool looking wooden tippet holder and line spool in the shop section]

The blog section is separate from the other topic sections. Such as what is tenkara, equipment, casting, fields, shop.

Oh, take a look at today’s (17 Dec) Todoroki-san post. Fly Fishing Hook Selection or Hook Choice. 毛鉤釣りの鈎選択.

I like the kebari, and his post ranges beyond just hook choice, the google digital translation is terrible. Much more can be understood by copy /pasting individual sections into a digital translation window.

Kebari and Fly Fly Fishing Hook Selection

In May 2009 I had Chris Stewart do a guest post about Tenkara on my blog Casting Around…


Cool. Thank you for joining in.

I enjoyed the look back reading your blog.

This website was taken off line sometime earlier this year. I was hoping the web archive could retrieve it.
But it was only partially successful. The text was saved, but not the images. And they were, if not more important, at least of equal importance.

テンカラ入門 [ Tenkara Nyūmon ] Introduction to Tenkara

Within limits the internet archive can recover somethings thought completely lost.

Anthony - good post. I’m kind of whacking myself on the forehead, why hadn’t I discovered it, the Daily Gazette interview, before. It’s been a long time since I lived near Schenectady. N.Y. 34 years I guess.

David, Todoroki-san answered your comment at T-F, I think you should check it out or get with him here. You said his flys did not reach you, I think he was disappointed by that and wants to help you.

Super nice guy.

Thank you Adam, will do.

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I came back from the post office now.:smile:
I will send it until you reach it

Last time it was too heavy and may have been buried :scream:

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A couple of other Japanese tenkara websites, which I thought were terrific & looked at them often, have disappeared and are no longer available.

Both of them - as far as I can tell - are the same guy. Though different names were used on the two websites. Or two guys who work closely together who have similar parts of their names Kind of a fun mystery.

Google makes a mess of translating the names. Sometimes translating the names as : Akutsukaan, YuKaedean, Mr. Ikurouan or some other odd translation.

His name is 郁楓庵さん [ Ikufūan-san ]. You can find a few different websites with - ikufuan in the URL.

I believe it could be the same guy at the jofu10kara.cocolog-nifty website, which uses the title of 如風のテンカラな日々 [ Jofū no Tenkarana hibi ] Jofū 's Daily Tenkara or Day to Day Tenkara, I guess. The profile name there is given as 郁楓さん, not as 郁楓庵さん. The first two kanji are the same.

The website uˆè•–ˆÁv‚¨’m‚点 山形県 [ Yamagata prefecture]
Has the name as moderator - 郁楓庵さん.
And it seems to be associated with a fishing club.
天佳羅の世界 釣りクラブ.
Which Google translates as - The world of Tianala Fishing club.
However, if I look at the phonic for 天佳羅の, it is Ten Ka Ra no.
I suspect it is some kind of play on words to have a double meaning. Sounds like Tenkara, but has a different meaning. Beautiful Heavens something. I think.

The JoFu10kara website appears to be associated with a different club.
郁楓庵さんと「そうめにすと倶楽部」Ikufūan-san and sō me ni su to club, I don’t know how to translate the name. On that website he documented a lot of kebari, modifying of keiryu rods into tenkara rods. Often changing a 5m rod into a 3.6m rod for example.

The homepage for that website will open, but if you try to open any of the tenkara links on the page I am switched to the site suspension notice website. The same website I am switched to if I try to open the ikufuan tenkara tsuri index website.

Anyway, if I try to open either of the above websites I am switched to the same website - which says - Announcement from Ikufūan Notice Ikufūan will be suspended for a while.
But there is an email address given. To contact Ikufuan in Japanese.

Then there is this strange notice at the bottom of several of the ikufuan web pages, maybe they are two different people, a dual copyright notice perhaps, not sure how to interpret it :slight_smile: If the websites are two different people, they seem to jointly work on projects.

Copyright (c)ikufu ikeda (c)jofu tuduki
written by jofu tuduki produced by ikufu ikeda

The ikufuan website had a lot of stuff not related to tenkara, such as tea ceremony, his dogs and many other things.

But it was his extensive Tenkara Tutorial section that was of most interest.

It appeared to me that he was given the task to teach tenkara to the members of the club and prepared the lessons, 28 chapters + 12 additional notes or stories, to accomplish that task.

Many great pictures and diagrams explaining casting, tenkara fishing methods, etc. His writing style was difficult for me to translate, and google translate was terrible, yet the information was worth it, to me anyway, trying to figure it out.

Below is a link to the web archive page.
Most of the links will open the chapter pages, but the diagrams and pictures are gone. :frowning_face:

Webarchive Ikufuan Tenkara Tsuri Index

Maybe you can still ferret out some fun information If you like trying to figure stuff out. kind of a treasure hunt. :thinking:

Here is a list of the tenkara lessons + a mostly understandable English translation. Enough that you can see it was an informative resource. Before it went away. An example of a high standard for anyone wanting to create a tenkara tutorial.

Perhaps it is no surprise the website faded away, it is dated 1998. I think it became suspended sometime in 2015, a long run for a website.

Tsuzuki mentor’s Tenkara notebook Table of contents is here! (1/10/98)

00 … "Preface to the revised edition recording, Greetings from Ikufūan "
01 … preface
02 … Introduction to Tenkara (system introduction)
03 … Introduction to Tenkara (Practical section)
04 … Equipment and tools
05 … flow naturally
06 … awaseru (hook set I think)
07 … jirasu [tantalize?]
08 … Fishing in the drought period
09 … self-made pole
10 … take the form of trees and stone, [camouflage ?]
11 … fly (kebari) miscellaneous thoughts
12 … bait fishing and tenara
13….Wind Countermeasures
14 … Points of Tenkara (1)

15 … Point of Tenkara (2)
16 … Long level line
17 … practical skill supplement (grip)
18 … practical skill supplement (transfer actual)
19 … practical skill supplement (hook operation)
20 … practical skill supplement (awase, hook set)
21 … practical skill supplement (pickup)
22 … Transfer technique
23 … practical skill supplement (ideal transfer, (casting))
24 … Hands feeling
25 … Final Chapter “Summary”
26 … Further reinforcement of chapter 23
27…Introduction of video how to swing the pole

Tenkara course extra chapters
Tsuzuki teacher of Tenkara notebook Table of Contents

01….shoulder flow (motion?)
02 … 1/5000 (Part 1)
03 … 1/5000 (part 2)
04….river lower river (river bottom?)
05 … coniferous trees, deciduous trees
06 … Think about release
07 … Green kebari
08 … 10 people 10 colors
09 … fishing with Mr. Fuji Hiromichi
10 … About Mr. Sakakibara
11 … to image
12 … Iwana Praise

Anyway, most, or no one, will not be much interested in any of the above.
However, if it has generated any interest in who Ikufūan-san [ 郁楓庵さん] is, and you are a Facebook , Twitter guy. You may be able to connect with him.

From the below web link:
Recently focus has moved ot Facebook and twitter,
also no longer uploading new articles here.

ネオ『 愛i 渓k 遊u 』

He thanks everyone for participating, provides a summary of how long the blog existed, and the number of articles uploaded, 1200. Sadly the suspension of updates seems to be driven by rude behavior in comments.

You are very kind, I can not imagine what happened earlier when we discussed kebari.
I sent you again my address. Maybe there was some problem with the format.

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Most of those Japanese web site I researched to learn. The translation is/was horrible but after a while you could get it.

Doing this is how I found out about Kazuya Shimoda and Okaniwa Tatsurou. As America woke up to tenkara, I could also see how we influenced them.

The influence goes both ways.

Many of my old Japanese books, you can see Western influences in Japanese tenkara experts. In no way is this anything other than an observation. You can see it today too.

It just reinforces the ten colors idea.

In the early days I read reports from Japanese Fly fishing, how some Japanese were disappointed of this heavy influence. So for me, tenkara was their contribution to the global history of fly fishing. Sort of how we read about other types of angling such as loop rod, but Japanese and very much fly fishing.

When I visited in 2013, only a couple things did I get the “ah ha” moment from. Daniel and Tenkara USA and my form. The Japanese knew and enjoyed what Daniel was doing. They wanted to know if I knew him. My form was fly rod casting dynamics from the Lefty Kreh chicken wing style, Masami Sakakibara fixed that for me.

Looking back is a way of seeing how you did.

I would have changed a couple of things but I have no regrets.

Moving forward is always a good challenge.

Thanks again for your look back.

Having done it for a few years now, I’m falling into a rhythm of seasons. At this time of the year I’m doing this, at this time that. Now (winter) is vice time, planning time, in my region, stocked trout time which equates to a time of teaching.

…and research on the internet.

This is actually becoming less and less for me but I’m happy to be reading your work David.

I need to review the links at T-F, a few do not resolve. Thank you for contributing. And Anthony, you too, and Karel and not sure but Michael and all the other American early adopters.

And Christophe’ Laurent, one of my favorite if not my favorite tenkara ambassador. What a cool cat.

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The influence goes both well ways.

If courtesy for fish and gratitude for nature are both present, it always goes well

Integration of knowledge of each other on the web site I think that remarkable

The fact that the translation is gradually becoming more accurate is also an accumulation of knowledge

It is also surprising that my poor English are able to participate here :grin:

Thank you for your pointing out is my mistake

Truly, your words are wise Todoroki-san.

The things you say and reflect upon are my understanding.

Thank you.

山形のテンカラ集団「そうめにすと倶楽部」・・・(Website search name)
・・・The Yamagata Prefecture Tenkara Group “soumenisuto- Club”

・・・Hosted by Ikeda ikufuu

庵 = Meaning of hermit

全日本暇人協会 = zen-nihon-himajin-kyoukai
・・・All Japan man of leisure Association

Thank you.
“郁楓庵さん.・・・郁楓+庵+さん.庵 = Meaning of hermit”
Ah, sometimes I would see that name translate as Yu Maple Hermitage. But did not trust it to be accurate.

全日本暇人協会 = zen-nihon-himajin-kyoukai・・・All Japan man of leisure Association
I have heard of this club before. Sometimes finding it during web search, but I was not sure if "man of leisure " was correct translation. That is until I read Adam’s interview of Mr. Kazuya Shimoda. He is also an advisor to that group. And also to the Keiryu-Kai group.

「テンカラ1年生」“Tenkara first grader” First year student
An amusing story from the Ikufuan website archive about being captivated by tenkara the first year. Many odd and inaccurate translations, but close enough to get the gist of the excitement or obsession. :wink:

Tenkara First Year Student Experience