I make and shoot slingshots, maybe weird for a 50 year old but oh well, it is fun. :smiley:


Some of those are gorgeous!

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Not weird at all, older boy still like toys. That’s why we like Tenkara.
I remember seeing Rufus Hussey at the end of some news show years ago. At the time he was fifty + another 15.

Twenty-five or 30 years ago I was in New Haven, Ct. attending a company training class when I learned that weekend was the annual Boomerang Day at Yale. Went out to their old football field to check it out. A guy from the Smithsonian was the star of the event. For several years afterward I made a few boomerangs. But had to pick the right day to go to the park and try out my latest creation or spend an hour tossing ones that were known to work well.


I love that video. Asheboro NC is not far from where I live, I would love to have one of Rufus’ slingshots.

HMMM boomerangs sound like a lot of fun!!! :slight_smile:

I am for sure no Rufus but here is a vid of me shooting.

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National and state parks do not allow gunfire during the regular use time of year, so I have a nice slingshot for racoon control, especially at Wisconsin Governor Dodge State Park. These racoons have been fed by cancers for so long that they come right to your campfire and picnic table…while you are using them! They really don’t like body shots from 5mm ball bearings.

I am digging it…your slingshots, the Rufus Hussey vid…and this thread. Awesome!!!

This guy is 65 years old.

Thanks but I’m only 50. :wink::smile:

Rufus was one of a kind for sure, his tonight show with Johnny Carson was great. I will try to find the vid and post it.

Thanks :smile:

Have you thought about making and selling slingshots? They are awesome.

I travel a lot with my current job and just don’t have time, thanks for the compliment though.

Here is the tonight show clip.

What a beautiful slingshot

When I was a child, I was making the same thing as the picture

I am using now falcon slingshot

To protect orchard from damage of crow

Bullets are mud balls :relieved:

It is a big children’s toy

Japan name ------------------- patinko = パチンコ



I also have the falcon. However it’s difficult to aim to the targets.

Me, too :sob:

In recent years the only thing I have used a sling shot for is to throw a salt water sinker attached to a fishing line over a high tree branch to pull up an Amateur Radio antenna. But I have not done that for several years now.
You ever make Slings? I made several when I was teen aged.

Here’s mine. A Hathcock Target Sniper.

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Sorry for bringing weapons to pastoral articles

I’m purely a target shooter – for relaxation. I haven’t hunted or killed anything with my slingshot.


me too :blush:Just have fun.

It was an Asian way of thinking

I have hunted with mine. It was legal when I lived in Arizona to hunt rabbits year round and the slingshot was the perfect tool for a lot of areas.