Tenryu Furaibo TF39TA

I was curious if I could get some feedback of what people thought of this rod?

I was using a tenkara no oni type 1 until… the wicked door monster of the car closed on it and broke every section so now i am on the fence of buying another type 1 or looking at the TF39TA. Any feedback would be awesome, thank you much! Especially those that may of had experience with both rods.

Oh man. Rough way to go!

Oh just wanted to give a heads up, I have read that the TF39TA is similar to the Sato and the Sato feels a little off in the full length for me so that has me worried since that is my backup rod while my Ito parts come in (caught a 5.5 pound catfish and the rod decided to give before the tippet) as well, Ito in 13 feet has felt great as well as the Oni Type 1.

Yeah, mad at myself for it but watcha gonna do, and love the videos you been putting out, been great to watch during everything going on in the world =D.

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I have no experience with the Tenryu but, for what it’s worth, an Oni Type 1 was posted for sale today in the marketplace section.

Thanks =D, I did message him about it since I am really interested in that depending on what I hear from here, hopefully i get some feedback sooner then later.

Reviewed: Teton Tenkara: Tenryu Tenkara FURAIBO TF39TA rod -- is it worth the money?

Thanks for the post.
I’ve been using tetontenkara’s blog as well as the information that tenkara bum has on it to try making a decision. From what I am gathering from tentontenkara he said it felt super similar to the Sato as well as the numbers (CCF/RFI/Rotational Movemnet) all point to a similar feeling rod but I know the numbers are only half the story.

Thanks again and hopefully maybe someone else out there might have how they believe it feels too.

Currently the Sato does feel okay but almost feels it tries to hard to correct after a cast for me in compairison to the Oni and Ito (13 ft configuration) which feels smooth and less jerky is the easiest way to explain. Other then that the it feels good which I am wondering if the TF39TA fixes.

I think it is probably the best choice of a “one rod” that does it all.

I like Dr.Tom’s stuff but as I read more and more, I get to see what “he” likes as far as a rod goes and my choices are very different. That just goes along with what I’ve been saying, it’s not the rod…

The Furaibo zoom is good, like it or not. Lots of talent choose it as a primary rod.

Check with John Vetterli at Tenkara Guides LLC. He has both rods and can give you a good assessment of how they compare.

I have been very satisfied with my ONI I since I purchased the first foam gripped one and replaced it with the bamboo gripped one. It is a spectacular rod, as are any of Oni’s rods I have, the mans a master at Tenkara.

Thank you CM_Stewart, I’ll see about sending him a message =D.

I do agree with you rsagebrush, I’d love to get a bamboo gripped one but never seem to find one not saying I have looked to hard but never in the budget when I see one or it’s already gone lol.

So I do have an Oni Type-1 coming to replace the one I just lost however will keep researching the TF39TA for a future buy, thanks everyone for your inputs =D.

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@Peder haha I see that now, earlier wasn’t giving me the option for some reason. Thanks a ton :grinning:

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the glass percentage seems high on that tf39ta. I personally like blanks that have more glass, and i always suspect that the sato has some decent level of fiberglass. The sato is a pretty sloppy caster, but still I do like that rod a lot. It is pretty insane how that rod can fight fish and the abuse it can take. I probably would like the tf39ta but sort of agree with Tom’s article about the price tag and aesthetics.

I really feel that most rods with a decent level of glass are the best rods. I dont know the engineering details but i feel they tend to be more reliable and more effortless when fighting and landing fish.

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@Gressak Thanks for the feedback =D.

@James I don’t own the furaibo; however, someone I know owns it and let me use it for a short time last summer. At least for my casting style, it was lovely. It was probably the best zoom rod that I’ve ever tried. That being said, I’m personally not a big fan of zoom rods. I know they are loved by many and don’t have an issue with them in principal.

I just find that single length rods cast nicer. Maybe it’s my lack of skill, I don’t know. If I were to choose a zoom rod, that may well be the one. However, I own several other expensive rods that I really like and have a hard time justifying it. If you were only going to own one really nice rod, this would definitely be one that I would recommend considering.

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@Peder for some reason that actually makes a lot of sense to me and gives me a more stable direction of how to feel, that is something I have to consider is that due to its very nature zoom rods have a different casting stroke and I can’t really expect it to feel like my single length rods. Thanks again!
The funny thing is I wasn’t even focused on the zoom feature of the rod as much as the packability due to the Oni being a smidge to big to carry on some of the flights if they are strict (24 inch max seems to be common so they make me throw it into my checked).

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Agreed. I went on a trip last summer and didn’t take my Oni for that exact reason. I had a backpack for my checked luggage and didn’t want it going in there. Who knows how many pieces that would have been in. They did let me take my Karasu with my carry-on, thankfully.

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The Furaibo zoom rod stretched out at 3.9m is just a nice single length rod. I fish it at this length almost all of the time.

On rare occasion, I’ll shorten it up to the shortest length.

Casting at that length, it isn’t a zoom rod, it’s a single length rod. At its shortest length, I nearly never use, it isn’t a reason to consider in choosing it for me. It’s nearly a non event, nothing to distract, just an option. It’s a great casting rod at length.

With options for shorter.

I can’t say looking forward, if I would suggest to people considering this rod, that they choose it for it’s shorter lengths. The short nest and cast at length are why I like it.

The great performance at 3.9m, the nested length for travel are the two nice things for me in this rod. The zoom lengths are not reasons why this rod is attractive.