Traditional Japanese Ayu-kebari

The target fish is ayu
Size is about #18 long shank with fly hook

There are about 3000 kinds of things with names

We invite fish by using long rod with Still Water to operate up and down

Simplified ayu pattern is effective for mountain stream fish

It is the same as the ‘North Country style’ Spider fly pattern

It remains in the literature of 1687
Prototype has spread to then around in kyo-kebari

It used to be a kebari used by people of the upper class in the past

This year is going to use also kebari of this type

I used it as Loch Flies it was very effective


Awesome fly.

GB of ayu-kebari now is gilded to lacquer

In the past it was made of genuine gold to speed up settling speed

It is made considering the gaze from the fish along with movement and color

There is a simplified ハヤ・ヤマベ毛鉤 (Haya Yamabe kebari)ハヤ・ヤマベ毛鉤&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjb4ZeujrjYAhVEx7wKHTKZCKcQsAQIJg&biw=1366&bih=700

It is made for the movement on the water surface

It is the result of trial and error, but it is a way to enjoy kebari

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I bought some size 2 (Japanese size) snelled Ayu bait hooks to try to tie similar flies, thinking that after the fly was tied I could slide a small gold bead down the snell and glue it in place. These may be a bit bigger, but certainly no more than a Western size 16. Wrapping the body is no problem with a regular vise, but I had a very hard time trying to wrap the hackle - exactly 6 barbs, slanting sharply to the rear. It would have taken a lot more practice than I had time to give it. I haven’t given up and will try it again once I get some time to play around at the vise.

I am pretty sure flies like that would work well here in the US, for trout and for smaller warm water fish.

Of course, I had to buy in bulk, so I have 19 more packages of the hooks. I haven’t put them on the website but I think I will.

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My attempt


For salmon :grinning:

I could not go on account of work, but my friend caught white salmon with this :joy:


Amazing skill on tying these beautiful flies Todoroki san. They look similar in some ways to steelhead and traditional salmon flies from the US and Europe. Great pictures, Thank you. :wolf:

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鮎毛鉤大図鑑 Ayu Kebari Big Picture Book ( or encyclopedia )

在日本偶然遇到的加賀毛鉤展 Kaga Kebari Exhibit

私が作ります、製作工程.mpg I will make, production process
[ 鮎毛鉤の製作 Production of Ayu Kebari ]

Much more tedious to make that the simpler tenkara kebari, but they are quite beautiful.

Try an internet search with - 鮎毛鉤の製作 - to find more cool stuff about them.


Thank you David for the information. :wolf:

Your welcome テンカラ狼 [Tenkara ōkami]. After thinking about it some more I think that is a better choice than テンカラの狼. :thinking: Tenkara Wolf vs Tenkara’s Wolf.

This one is kind of cool too. It has an embedded digibook, [titled 自作鮎毛ばり巻き , winding self made ayu kebari] with 22 frames, that seems to play fine on the webpage, but if I open it on a digibook dot net webpage it usually, but not always, hangs up on frame 8 or 9 for some reason. But the sound works.

フライフックで鮎毛ばりを巻いてみると [ Try rolling the ayu kebari on a fly hook.]

Opps. forgot to add this one:
初めての「アユの毛バリ釣り」入門 First time [Ayu kebari fishing] introduction

If you look at the other Steps, you will see they are fished using a much different method than tenkara fishing.
Interesting how the modern pictures look quite similar to old paintings of the same type of fishing from more than 100 years ago, only the attire is different.

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Thank you so much, David. This is awesome!! You are loaded with information. I went to the bookstore today
since all the schools are closed and I purchased several books on beginning Japanese. I also, for some reason, bought a nice map of Japan. This way when someone mentions a place in Japan I can at least look it up and know the location. Thanks again for all your help and interest. :wolf:

me too :smile:

Only ayu is not a target fish and such kebari is effective for mountain stream fish

Increase the size or change the color

You can expect effects in gentle flow areas and canals

Those are beautiful.

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An interesting web page where you can pick off, copy, the name for the different Ayu Kebari. There are 4 pages of Kebari, the link below is only to one of them.

Ayu Kebari in Ayu Dobu Fishing Home Page.
[ホンテロン付 2.8号] With no, 2.8 Honteron.
= Brand name of tippet or harisu, ホンテロン ハリス.

And they do have fun names like: Red Bear, Sunset Glow, Floating Boat, etc
Even wilder names from what I think must be wildly incorrect digital translations, such as Gold Chicken or Money Chicken, 100 Million Stones, etc.

I’m not sure how to translate the ドブ釣り [ Dobu Tsuri ] in the title.
ドブ釣り just translates as Dub Fishing or Dove Fishing. But written as どぶ釣り it will translate as Dragon Fishing or Groove Fishing. Dragon Fishing sounds more fun. :wink:

Whatever the correct translation it is a method of fishing or fishing rig.
Just do an internet search for ドブ釣り 仕掛け , and you will find fishing rigs with a weight [ オモリ, omori ] on the end of the line and 2 or more Ayu kebari at interval spacing. Or do a search with ドブ釣り 竿 (Dobu Fishing Pole] or ドブ釣り 毛針 Dobu Fishing Kebari or ドブ釣り タックル Dobu Fishing Tackle.

I think that is about as far as I want to ride this horse. Unless I later try to actually tie some of them, just for the fun of trying it.

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Какое перо идёт на обмотка тела?

Добро пожаловать на форум Владимира. Есть ли определенный шаблон или летать, на которые вы ссылаетесь?

Welcome to the forum Vladimir. Is there a specific pattern or fly that you are referring to?

Да,это относилось к todoroki. Айю кебари.

todoroki тошироу,какое перо используете для тела Айю- Кебари?

@Vladimir Здравствуйте!

Для вашей справки

Это метод производства

I’m not sure how to translate the ドブ釣り [ Dobu Tsuri ] in the title. In Japanese 淵 「hu-ti 」 「do-bu」 means Still Water.

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Thank you. I thought ドブ might be a species of fish. Or a style of fishing.

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