What's the consensus on the TUSA Hane?

Yo! I’m looking to get a new compact rod for bikepacking and backpacking trips into the Idaho mountains this summer. I have my eye on the Tenkara USa Hane. At 15in collapsed, the size is just right for throwing in my bikepacking bags, where space is already at a premium. The price is right too, I don’t have more than $150 to spend.

In the mountains, I’ll be fishing weighted and unweighted kebari, drys, and nymphs in small to medium streams for modest sized trout. Many of our rivers in the Idaho backcountry qualify as “tenkara water”.

I’ve already been taking my DT Shadowfire 360 and Komodo 270-320 out to those types or rivers, where they have been working wonderfully, but I like how small and compact the Hane is, making it significantly easier to carry in my bags.

I should also add that the purpose of the trips on which I’d be packing the Hane are primarily focused on the bike riding/hiking first and foremost, with fishing secondary as an added perk for any downtime during the trips.

Anyone have any thoughts for or against? Thanks!

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I had one for awhile, but I had issue with durability. It’s debatable on the “fault” but I’ve had better luck with other rods. At that price point, I’m not sure if you can find better though.

It was a great first tenkara rod… and it looks nice and is compact. I really like the shorter handle and (I feel like) it casts pretty good.

If the fishing part is secondary this two pack is hard to beat. Very low profile. If your target are smaller wild fish, then this may be the ticket. I have no idea how it will hold up to large trout, but for smalls it would work perfectly.

The Hane was my first rod – I don’t fish it much anymore but the last time I did, I found it to be quite pleasant for the close-quarters nymphing I was doing in the winter. The short collapsed length certainly makes it less vulnerable when packing compared to my other rods.

I’ve landed my biggest fish ever(not that I was targeting it) with one in a small creek and I’ve found it to be pretty durable (disclaimer: it is the only rod I broke the actual tip on, that happened very early for me and I’m sure it was my fault, I’ve graduated to mostly breaking middle and lower sections on rods). If the budget was more open, the rods I would pick in my quiver would be both of the pocket ninjas. I’ve not been very big into <12" rods until recently, though.

Cool beans. Sounds like no one has any horror stories about the Hane, so I’ll go for it. Ill put a post in the buy/sell forum, see if anyone has a used one.

That 2 pack of cheapo rods is intriguing, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate the extra 2ft of reach the Hane will give. I might order them to let my riding buddies borrow tho. Or my kids.

I’m a little late on the original post here, but I wanted to throw in my thoughts on the Hane. I haven’t fished it a ton, but I do like it. My one main positive about the rod is that it casts a dry-dropper rig really well. I have had trouble with dry-dropper casting with my other rods, but not the Hane.