Where are you?

Thought it might be interesting to hear where everyone calls home. I live in Fayetteville NC and mainly fish Western NC and Eastern Tenn. Planning on exploring southern West Virginia this spring.


I’m based in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. I live in southeast Idaho, but also have a home near the ID-WY border of the Tetons. I fish northern UT, ID, and western WY.

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I’m situated right in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley of western Virginia. Fish mostly the western areas of Virginia and the Shenandoah National Park.


Hey, I live in Cambridge, UK and generally fish the rivers I can reach on a bicycle! Have plans to fish more of the UK this year…


That would be great to be able to do that! I feel lucky (at least for the US) that I only have to drive 30 minutes to get to good fishing.

I live in Cheltenham, UK and fish the rivers nearby, mostly for coarse fish, although I do have access to an occasional trip trout fishing. I also fish the Gloucester Sharpness canal for coarse fish but being 18ft deep in parts and 16 miles long it is a challenge.

Yes, I’m very lucky there, I know!

I live southwest of Richmond, Virginia, The area is called Midlothian. In the 1600’s
it was a Scottish coal mining town. I’m 2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean and 1.5 hours
away from the Shenandoah NP/Blue Ridge Mts. It’s about 4 hours to the Allegany Mt. range.

You need to try the southwestern part of VA. Grayson State Park and
Mt. Rodgers has a lot of trout streams for you. The trout fishing in this area is awesome.
NC, TN, KY, and WV border this area. Whitetop Laurel River, Green Cove Creek, Wison Creek,
and Fox Creek are just a few of the places I have fished. I also get to see Hellbenders in the streams
sometimes. Let me know if you need more info.


Sounds like we need to hook up and go fish!

I know some pretty good places in western NC. I grew up in extreme western NC, a small town named Robbinsville. It is getting a bit famous now for “The Tail of the Dragon” a road that has something like 300 turns in 5 miles or some such crazy number. LOL

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I’m in central Alabama. No wild trout for like 3 hours of fast driving. I can be in the blue ridge or cohutta wilderness in 4 hours and those are my favorite trout streams.
I also love fishing for redeye bass here in Alabama, and know some spots within 2hrs. I know they can be caught about 30 minutes from me, but I haven’t succeeded that close yet.

Central South West part of W. bg Va. But do most of my tenkara fishing four hours farther east where the altitude is higher (about 2,600 feet) and there are more rivers near by.

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Im in Plumtree, NC. Right near Roan Mountain out in the country. I have ample local fishing and my girlfriend and I manage a campground owned by the Blind Squirrel Brewery. If anyone is ever interested in making a trip this is an excellent basecamp for fishing adventures. Plus the Blind Squirrel Brewery is as far as I know the only place in NC or all of the southeast for that matter where you can be fishing and have a pint of local craft beer in you hand and your rod in the other. The brewery sits on the N Toe river where we have an amazing population of wild and hatchery fish.


That sounds like my sort of fishing😀
Alas a bit too far to travel as I live on the other side of the ‘Pond’.

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I have fished the south Toe plenty but never the north Toe. I believe I am going to just have to plan a trip!

Hey Chris,
This sounds great. I’m off during the summer. Maybe we can go fishing if you are available.

I live in Fukuoka city, Kyushu, Japan.
Here’s yamame not so many and iwana not at all.
“I wanna” go to the stream where “iwana” live! haha


Sounds great. When the weather warms up I would love to plan a trip. I have been dying to try some streams in VA and WVA. It really is not far from here at all.

I will also be more than happy to show you some of our Western NC streams if you would like to come down here.

I am in Nagano which is the mountainous region of Japan

If me ride a car will catch fish in mountain streams within an hour

But if it is not spring, there will be too much snow :sob:


This sounds awesome. Thanks. :smile_cat: