Which Carp Rod Do You own and use?


I’m seriously interested in trying my hand with carp fishing. Just wondering which carp rod you own, and I’m especially interested in the Japanese carp rods . . . looking for a make and model to buy.

Thanks for any replies,

Resolute Tenkara

I have had the nissin flying dragon and still own a nissin Kyogi 18.

I have not used the kyogi in a few years and would consider selling it. I mostly fish for small wild trout with fixed line.


I bought an inexpensive ($50) off brand fixed line rod on eBay five years ago. I only use it on a large pond behind my hose, so did not want to invest much. It’s 23ft and I use a Dragontail Ougachi 20ft line., and usually 4x tippet, and Orange Carp Crack flys. It is a ball to fish them. You have to drop that fly right in front of the feeding fish, but gentle enough not to spook. It’s difficult with a cheap rod, but doable When you hook one, it is a fun ride (remember the power curve!).



Sorry for such a long delay in posting the Kyogi 18. Work and family priorities had me pinned!